Health and Health Center Gastein Heilstollen unique in the world!

 Health and Health Center Gastein Heilstollen


Health is man's highest good. Already Arthur Schopenhauer knew:

 "Health is certainly not everything, but without health everything is nothing."


In our health center of radon therapy in Gasteinertal, Austria, we therefore offer you a holistic therapy concept for activating your natural self-healing powers.

The relief of chronic pain and thus significant improvement in the quality of life are the ultimate goal of this natural and unique treatment in the heart of the Hohe Tauern in the Salzburger Land.

Therapeutic factors & climate

The secret of the special healing climate in the mountain interior of the Gastein Radhausberg mountain is based on the unique combination of the following active ingredients:


Natural radon content of 44kBq / m³

Heat of 37-41.5 ° Celsius

Humidity of 70-100%

Alpine altitude at 1,270m above sea level


The heat, the radon uptake via the lungs and skin and because the therapy is administered in a mountain tunnel, results in additional and more sustainable therapeutic effects.


The Gastein healing tunnel was discovered about 65 years ago. Since then, the unique healing climate has been used very successfully for the treatment of rheumatic diseases.


The healing tunnel therapy is considered the most effective form of radon therapy.


"Of course live pain-free" ... that is the greatest desire of many people with chronic pain. Relieve chronic pain and inhibit inflammation.


The goal of the healing tunnel therapy is the activation of the natural, self-healing powers of the body.


The effect of the therapy has been scientifically proven by numerous studies:

 Long lasting pain relief through anti-inflammatory drugs (on average 9 months)


Drug savings up to one year, e.g. in diseases of the musculoskeletal system Immune stabilization.

Holistic treatment concept

The Gasteiner Heilstollen therapy concept

Pain relief, active and

passive physical therapies, information


A cure / rehabilitation includes more than pain therapy, anti-inflammatory and immune stabilization, which can be achieved via the Heilstollen entrances.


Our three therapy focuses, which focus on the healing gall therapy, are therefore embedded in a holistic understanding of health.


Give the years more life: Our services are especially the movement-oriented modification of the lifestyle and beyond the optimization of dealing with the disease.